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"An Aficionados dream". New Metropolis Magazine

Use our expertise to tailor your Reposo humidor to your own personal desires.

To programme the climate system to your exact requirements we would like to know where it will be located. Will it be an air conditioned business room or will it be an open Loggia or even on your yacht, needing specific mounting to be seaworthy.

In a personal discussion we will take care of your additional desires and individual wishes.

The process to create your personal unique Reposo
takes only a few steps for you - and a lot of steps for us.

The whole process of manufacturing from the first laser cut to the end check and fine tuning will take five to seven weeks due to bespoke requirements.

When your personal configuration is defined and agreed we will create your specific order.

Now we start manufacturing your personal Reposo and let you participate in all phases.

After a successful final check we will coordinate the delivery date.

After delivery you are only asked to fill demineralised water in the tank and plug into mains current.

Nothing else.

Independently the electronics will create the pre-programmed climate within a few minutes.

Allow a few hours for all cedro wood content to absorb the right level of humidity before you entrust all your precious goods.

There is no waiting time for ventilation to consider, as veneers and lacquers are avoided in construction .


Limited 77 Edition