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High Technology

Reposo humidors are tailor-made unique pieces

designed for an extremely long life. 
They are handcrafted out of only floatglass, stainless steel and cedro wood.
There are no veneers or lacquers which could impair the aroma of stored cigars. The storeroom is uv-ray protected by tinted glass and nearly sterile to protect valuable cigars from pests.

Keeping the essential air and water clean has the highest priority.
Therefore the air will be cleared of bacteria and odour by different air filters.
The demineralised water will be cleaned in its stainless steel tank as well before both elements will be mixed in an exact balance to each other.

The humidity level is microprocessor controlled by sensitive electronic probes, based on constantly gauged values of humidity and temperature.
Humidified fresh air will be provided without destructive airflow in 
a pre-programmed circulation. Air will be replaced constantly to avoid bacteria.

The vapour particles produced are so small that they can be resolved by air completely. No precipitation will be seen on glass surfaces.

The desired humidity in relation to temperature can be selected and stored with 1% accuracy. Target climate restoration time 120 sec. max. after closing the door.

Temporary protection is even provided against ’force majeur’. In a case of short-term local power failure a Reposo Humidor can provide 80% of its target climate over a time period of 120 hours if the door is kept closed.

All technology works silently and without any vibration. An optimal environment for handmade cigars to mature.

This technology we first developed in 1993 and improved it continuously.
It is unique worldwide.

Every single Reposo is handcrafted in Germany by a small team of master craftsmen.


Limited 77 Edition