DSC0104 Reposo Treasure

A noble home for noble treasures.
Handcrafted out of OptiWhiteTM floatglass, stainless steel and cedrela wood.
Artful illuminated by different and individual remote controlled LED spots.
For a protective and impressive presentation of art,
valuable perfume flacons or even rare spirits.

Casing of 10mm high gloss float glass in OptiWhiteâ„¢
an extra clear, low iron glass with very high light transmission.
Base and capital made of brushed stainless steel.
Individual serial number and signatures of all masters.

Socle manufactured of pure cedrela wood.

Options Exterior
Glass casing tinted in high gloss Sapphire Black.
Glass casing tinted in high gloss Xia Bronce.
Personal signet/logo at front glass.

Options Interior
8 white LED spots with dimmer.
4 blue LED spots with dimmer.
Spots remote controlled.

Options Technology
Country specific version of plug.
Voltage 200V - 250V AC.

Measures and Weights
Base 210 mm x 210 mm, total height 440 mm.
Storeroom 170 mm x 170 mm, height 355 mm.
Weight net 9,5 kg.

DSC0069 DSC0110

Limited 77 Edition