ReposoNautic0160 Reposo Nautic

Handcrafted oceangoing humidor for long-term storage
and maturing of cigars on board of yachts.

Casing of 10mm tinted UV-ray resistant high gloss float glass.
Float glass door with safety lock.
Connectable base made of brushed stainless steel.
Full faced connection of glass / steel components.
Plaque with individual manufacturing number.
Signatures of all masters.

Climate controlled chamber in brushed stainless steel.
Single piece manufactured cedrela block with 30 slots for shelves.
Pure cedrela frame.
Seven adjustable oceangoing stainless steel shelves.

Programmable logic controller system.
Auto controlled feed of fine cold moistened fresh air.
Fresh rotation of steady air flow.
Constant F5 class filtering of air intake.
Integrated water tank with gush protection and permanent level control.
Permanent auto controlling of system and electronic probes with alarm function. Constantly auto UVC sterilisation of air and water.
Integrated wireless LAN module for remote control.

Technical Data
Individual preset and storage of humidity values.
Humidity accuracy 98%
Response time less than 10 sec.
Autarky time with closed door of 120 hrs at 80% of target climate.
(in case of power cut)

Options Exterior
Glass casing tinted in high gloss Quarz green.
Glass casing tinted in high gloss Sapphire black.
Glass casing tinted in high gloss Xia bronce.
Glass casing in high gloss OptiWhiteâ„¢ *.
Personal signet/logo at glass door.

* Optiwhite - is an extra clear, low iron glass with very high light transmission.

Options Interior
White and blue LED illumination of cabinet with dimmer.
Blue LED illumination of base with dimmer.
Smartphone connection for remote control.
Cedrela box for single cigars.

Options Technology
Yacht specific version of plug.
Voltage 110V - 230V AC / 50 - 60 Hz

Measures and Weights
Base 370 mm x 370 mm, total height 1,400 mm.
Storage room 300 mm x 300 mm x 990 mm
Weight net 75 kg.

Smoke on the Water."
"Meanwhile the high tech humidor Reposo
becomes an eye catcher on many yachts."

Yachting & Style Magazine

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Limited 77 Edition