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"Where the cigar becomes a Protagonist Magazine
 Optimal maturing process

Like a fine Bordeaux or Burgundy wine 
cigars are also a natural product but even more sensitive. 
They continue to mature if the necessary environment is provided. 
The best solution would of course be the climate of it‘s origin.

However providing this climate in heated or cooled and dry storage environments is quite difficult.

Cigars should not be stored in hermetically sealed containers. This results in rot. Also cigars should not be cooled down or frozen to eliminate pests. 
Maybe they would die, but the cigars as well!

No Cuban, Dominican, Honduran or Jamaican cigar manufacturer would ever cool down their cigars during the maturing process 
before distribution.

Since the 19th century the use of special cedar wood is common to protect cigars from pests and help to refine aroma. In conjunction with a well balanced airflow of humidity no pests will occur even at a temperature of 64 - 73° Fahrenheit.

The rate of air change and airflow should be given the highest attention. Although cigars need fresh air, they are dramatically sensitive to any airflow. And they are sensitive to vibration and uv-radiation.

During long term storage and conditioning cigars should be stored in their own boxes to avoid mingling of aromas. The result would be an indistinct, generic aroma. If all circumstances are well balanced a cigar can develop it‘s flavour year by year.

A fine handmade cigar can be stored easily for more than ten years.

This makes it possible to age your own cigars.


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