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"The masterpieces from Lenggries combines Lufthansa Exclusive Magazine
The Manufacture

The selection of materials follows a unique quality check.
It starts by checking the purity of all raw materials.

We use deep tinted float glasses in specific colors
to provide highest uv-ray protection.

All steel parts have to be 100% stainless
because of the constant contact with water vapour.
Therefore we only use alloys of stainless steel.

Of all materials, the key role of cedar wood is the most important influence. Instead of using veneers we insert solid pieces of cedar to provide an ideal climate.

This wood has to exude a very specific aroma but must not release resin.

We only use cedro wood and we store it for a couple of years
before we incorporate it in our humidors. 

The manufacturing process for a Reposo humidor uses traditional and latest technology. The inner steel compartments for instance are laser cut
following pre-programmed cnc files.

All parts are specifically manufactured: even the water tank is tailored to its intended purpose.

The selection of the cedar wood needs the experienced eye of the carpenter to find the right grain. All 35 pieces of cedar are made out of only one block. The grain must be seen in all pieces and in harmony with the grain of the steel. 
So every Reposo gets a unique personality.

The electronic components are the heart. They are responsible for a precise climate. They will be pre-programmed depending on future designation.
The programme for a humidor located in Abu Dhabi could be different
to a humidor on a yacht.

After receiving all special parts delivered from different manufacturers they again go under a detailed quality check, before they will finally be handcrafted into a unique Reposo.


Limited 77 Edition