77 Unique Masterpieces  for the

Exclusively dedicated to the „Handmade in Germany“ exhibition, an ambitious world-tour over two years and three continents, the designer Carsten Schroeter created a limited edition of the Reposo 12 high tech humidor. Only 77 unique masterpieces. The number 77 marks the year 1977 when the idea
was born to develop unique humidors.

The first impression is intense - solid cedro wood reflects the incident light, thick float glass gives the Reposo transparency to which the cool stainless steel stands in an elegant contrast.

Inside untreated grained cedrela is emitting a splendid scent.

Exactly tailored to the climate chamber an unusual cigarbox for double corona formats was designed. Manufactured by hand out of brushed stainless steel and cedrela wood. Artistically contoured between steel and cedrela like all Reposo products in contrast to the minimalistic outside design.

The stainless steel surface of the first unique masterpiece was sophisticated painted in acrylic by the artist Marietta Torda. Nevertheless a new technique had to be developed first: how to paint a couple of different layers on steel.

The painting shows the detailed planet earth and its fauna surrounded by white clouds as a symbol of the world tour.

All further unique masterpieces of the limited edition will be bespoke painted. Tailored to the individual demands of the future owners.

It takes nearly six weeks handcrafting a Reposo 12 Limited 77. The very last step will be the signature of the designer, all masters and the artist.

This limited edition will be available only in the context of the handmade world tour.

MTorda00421 Limited1